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Game Changer: Generation Domination

#2: Game Changer: Generation Domination

Game Changer: Generation Domination
Written by:  DeLonge
Illustrated by:  Peter Logan
Colored by:  Eros Studio
Release date:  September 30, 2020

The perilous journey darkens in this continuing adventure! Stuck in Ginger’s game world, Katy and her friends must play her devilish game in order to escape with their sanity, transforming along the way into surreal sexual beings. Swelling boobs, expanding asses, giantesses, cock enlargement, massive balls, gallons of cum, and more surrealism await these girls as they each take a transformative turn, slowly losing their minds to pleasure.

It may be up to Kalvin and his wife Joyce to save them, but this will surely be easier said than done. What tricks does Ginger have up her sleeve? What secrets is she hiding? Can Katy and her friends control themselves long enough to win the day? Or will they succumb to their corrupting desires and fall prey to infinite ecstasy? You, devoted reader, may suffer the same fate yourself in these pages, as it’s packed full of all the things you love: sexiness, morphing, thrills, and chills. It’s Game Changer, back and more explosive than ever in this heart-pounding sequel of desire and devotion!

Official Publisher's Review

The surreal world of Game Changer continues in this wonderful story of growth, expansion, and transformation! With Katy and her friends forced to play Ginger’s game, they’ll each have a turn experiencing her corrupting magic, watching themselves morph and change in unexpected ways. Huge boobs, exploding asses, increasing height, and more! Hidden desires will be exploited. Secrets will be revealed. Clothes will burst apart! Join in on the fun and see for yourself how dark and twisted this game continues to be, and enjoy all the beautiful visuals. This is sure to be an issue of Game Changer you don’t want to miss!