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G-Woman: The Femme Alliance

#3: G-Woman: The Femme Alliance

G-Woman: The Femme Alliance
Written by:  Tony Towers
Illustrated by:  Eros Studio , Peter Logan
Characters:  G-Woman
Release date:  January 17, 2018


Age Rating



G-Woman has been kidnapped by Jessica and the “Femme Alliance” who want to experiment with her to find out how her powers work. While at the “Omega Team” headquarters Apache is desperate to get out to rescue Gail. So he is in serious trouble with Colonel Cartwrith, since among other things he fought with Howler. Meanwhile Jessica subjects Gail to the “Exitatron”.  A virtual and physical reality machine, which allows them to influence Gail’s dreams, so that she excits and thus study how their powers work. In her dream, Gail returns to her hometown, with no powers. Until Apache appears in his dream, the two become giants and make love in full view of the entire city. But the experiment fails because Gail does not reach her climax.




    Too little giantess scenes in your comics too much mindless dialogue. I don’t mind the giant male/female scenes actually kind of erotic. More focus should be put on the growth/destruction scenes- ie different, angles, pov’s etc less on bad back and forth. I also keep noticing grammar and spelling mistakes which are really irritating and ruin the continuity, please take more effort to fix this. Really only takes a few minutes to proofread, don’t know why this issue is ongoing. Not trying to nitpick here it just seems really amateurish and it doesn’t look good at all.

  • kong

    Nice work but not good much because of giant man , giant men destroy giantess comics ,at least she must grow double size of him or he can’t grow half of her size .
    I hope the next comic be about giantess milfs ,thanks!