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Futa & Friends

#3: Futa & Friends

Futa & Friends
Written by:  Bacchus
Illustrated by:  J.J. McQuade
Release date:  September 16, 2020

After Olivia’s wild night with her friends Jenny and Sofia, she has finally worked up the courage (and pent up sexual frustration), to confront her ex, Ryan, and his new bimbo girlfriend, Allison. She isn’t sure which will be leading the confrontation—her cock or her fists—but she knows she’s going to get payback one way or another.

After a second confrontation with her mysterious (and magical?) bartender, Olivia’s cock gets a major level-up. When it comes time to confront the couple, Olivia realizes her futa-cock comes with new and improved powers that will definitely be putting Ryan between a rock and a hard place as his ex joins in on the futa fun.

Will Olivia’s thirst for revenge be outweighed by her thirstiness for something else? How will Ryan react when he realizes he’s no longer the top dong around, and what does this all hold for Allison?

Official Publisher's Review

Coming from the Ideas forum of BE Story Club, we proudly conclude our very first Futa focused story “Futa & Friends”, a series about a woman who finds she’s perfectly capable of satisfying herself… and her friends… and her rivals with her growing appendage. The chapter features (obviously) futanari, height growth, ass growth, and varying (from huge to extreme) breast expansion.



  • davidXgt

    Excellent, the scene where mini giantess milfs fuck a guy by their dicks is a dream scene, I wish to see more of this in the future.

  • goldgins

    How short does ryan get in this comic?

  • kong

    Awesome chapter!
    Mini giantess futa Milfs are really amazing, they should stay huge always and bang the men’s butt,very nice work ;)