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For Science! 2

#5: For Science! 2

For Science! 2
Written by:  Bob Saget , DeLonge
Illustrated by:  J.J. McQuade
Release date:  May 20, 2020

In this thrilling conclusion to the fiFor Science!fl series, Dr. Carol Wright is on the hunt for the twisted scientist who’s stolen her growth formula, Dr. Arnold. Her desperate journey takes her to dangerous places that demand her unique growth talents. Growing huge boobs and ass has never been so action-packed! She’ll follow each clue until it all culminates in an epic showdown with her arch-nemesis. All the while, her skills in science and her personal beliefs are challenged like never before, pushing her to her limits and revealing what kind of woman has been buried deep inside all this time. The entire story has been leading to this. Can Carol come out on top and clear her good name? Will the world finally recognize her as a credited scientist? Find out and enjoy this exciting conclusion of “For Science! 2”

Official Publisher's Review

Devoted readers! “For Science!” is back with its final issue! Each page has been packed from cover to cover with all the things you love: growing breasts, swelling asses, and all the beautiful women you could ever want. Action! Adventure! Seduction! Doctor Carol Wright’s epic journey has been leading to this, pushing her to her limits, and making her grow bigger than ever before. She’ll give an all-new meaning to the word “Giantess”. Join us in this adrenaline-fueled journey as we conclude this beloved series, and marvel at all the gigantic imagery. We believe it’s always best to go out with a “bang” rather than a fizzle, and this is certainly no exception. Enjoy!



  • vel100

    This chapter felt like a retun to form for the series. It wrapped up the series nicely, but wish it was a bit longer to highlight the final battle more.

  • kong

    Nice, at the end she could make a weaker version of the formula for all the milf moms on the world to help them make a better world for us ^_^

  • Growth_Lover

    This feels rushed and the ending was mundane…