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For Science! 2

#4: For Science! 2

For Science! 2
Written by:  DeLonge
Illustrated by:  J.J. McQuade
Release date:  January 17, 2020

Dr. Carol Wright has shrunk back down to normal size, being escorted to a secret government building. It’s here that she’s introduced to a new branch of the government, codename MOAN (Milf Operated Armistice Nation). Their mission is to create world peace via femininity and motherly love. Due to Carol’s recent destruction and murderous rampages, she’s been labeled as a villain and faces a choice. Either spend the rest of her life in jail or help produce meaningful leaps in science to help the fields of medicine and sociology. She obviously chooses the latter of the two options. Equipped with a miraculous cybernetic harness to keep her size in check, no matter her arousal, she develops a more controlled growth serum, and feels ready for human test subjects. With the help of MOAN, they test the formula on a group of milfs, watching them grow into mini-giantesses. Things seem to be going well… until it’s discovered that there’s a spy in the organization, who’s stolen some of the formulae.

Official Publisher's Review

“For Science!” is back, devoted readers, and better than ever! In the mood for giant women? How about shirt-busting expansion? Gorgeous milfs? Find all of that and more in this latest issue, where things continue to go sideways for poor Dr. Carol. With the aid of Project MOAN, she’s finally been given the chance to perfect her GRW serum, but that doesn’t mean a happy ending for her. Join us in this latest chapter of her journey, full of new scientific inventions and tall beautiful women. In her continuing attempts to show the world she has what it takes, erotic mishaps are sure to follow, much to our pleasure. This is sure to be one issue you don’t want to miss! Read it today!



  • davidXgt

    Excellent part, only giantess milfs can make everything better!

  • kong

    The best chapter so far, I like to see all Milf and Moms get huge and sexy and make a perfect world ;)

  • vel100

    This has been one of the best on going Giantess stories, but Chapter 4 just doesn’t feel like it’s the same story. It feel more like a Bimbo story vs the excellent Giantess story all the previous chapters have been.