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For Science! 2

#2: For Science! 2

For Science! 2
Written by:  Bob Saget
Illustrated by:  J.J. McQuade
Release date:  October 24, 2018


Age Rating



The unlucky (or lucky) male volunteer that stumbled upon a growing and very horny giantess was having the best sex of his life. Carol treated him not as man, but as a sex toy.  Carol’s pleasure soon causes her to grow yet again.  This growth spurt was much more intense than the last.  Carol soon swells to thousands of feet in height.  Carol snaps out of her sexual trance after an orgasm and finds that she is the biggest thing in the African savanna.  Carol realizes that she cannot live the life of peace that she wished for.  Instead she must find out why her body grew without the GRW serum. The giantess walks back to the United States, as she believes her research could be better done there.  Sadly, doing said research won’t be that easy…

Official Publisher's Review

For Science finally returns for a much anticipated sequel that continues right where the first series left off.   The story follows Dr. Carol Wright overcoming challenges that are arguably greater than her height.  The main challenge Carol faces throughout the story arc, is the acceptance of her sexuality.  Normally, her libido is repressed due to her focusing on her work more so than pleasure throughout her life.  When she grows, her sexual desires become unhinged and nothing can stop her from getting her huge libido satisfied.  Readers should think of For Science I and For Science II as an origin story of Carol’s character and super powers.  And just like Bob Saget’s other work, this origin tale is going to feature plenty giantess sex, growth, destruction, and more.  Readers are sure to enjoy the thrilling sequel that is For Science II!