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#2: Felicity

Written by:  Fahzbehn
Illustrated by:  J.J. McQuade
Characters:  Felicity
Release date:  October 19, 2016

Felicity is recovering from her loss against the Fool when an alert goes out from Tempo that the Fool has been spotted.  When Felicity goes to stop the Fool, both she and Tempo are forced to make a choice: one of them or the crowd.  It’s a growing problem and one that Felicity must solve.  She’s felt the Fool’s power before.  Will she have the strength to fight against it?

Official Publisher's Review

The second issue of Fahzbehn’s brand new series: Felicity. In this story, Felicity runs off to save Tempo from the Fool, only to find them both put in a risky position. The Fool uses Tempo’s weakness against her and forces them to make the choice: one of them or the whole crowd? When the choice is made, Felicity has to live with the decision and figure out how to make things right. This story is part of on ongoing arc that will be expanding out to include characters new and old. What will happen to Felicity and Tempo? Read and find out!