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Cum to Grow: New Trials

#1: Cum to Grow: New Trials

Cum to Grow: New Trials
Written by:  Malenkaya
Illustrated by:  Mukor
Colored by:  Eros Studio
Release date:  March 19, 2021

As a down-and-out grad student, Taylor has signed up for every possible drug trial that offers money. So when he saw a post for “male enhancement” he thought he’d be hitting two birds with one stone. Get a big check and a big cock, right? Except he quickly realizes that’s not the only thing his new pills are improving.

A random encounter with his new neighbor, Morgan, has Taylor realizing that his new powerhouse cum has some INTENSE effects on women. Morgan quickly goes from tomboy to bombshell, with no desire to stop there! Like a reasonable person, Taylor goes to the doctor’s only to realize that the researcher in charge of the project is just as cum-crazed and eager to see how far the experiment can go. Soon, Taylor will be swarmed by growing women eager to help him with this “research,” though Taylor isn’t one to complain– after all, it is in the name of science!

Official Publisher's Review

The Cum to Grow anthology continues with a new artist and new lead characters, but the same amazing cum inducing growth you all love! Taylor’s medical trial means he is being pulled in a few directions by growing ladies. Between his sexy neighbor Morgan, his domineering doctor, and Morgan’s bimbo roommate, Taylor will have his hands full keeping all these women satisfied. This issue focuses on breast and ass expansion as well as mini-giantess growth from consuming Taylor’s cum. Taylor experiences cock expansion, though he does no other growth himself.

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  • Clonecamando

    Quite a delightful first issue and always a fun theme to have sex-induced growth. Have to say I quite like the art style with this one as well. Has a pleasant clarity with the colour and lines.

    Given the teases and hints certainly looking forward to seeing how large Morgan gets in further issues. I admit I am always sceptical when ‘bimbo’ tagged stories appear on GTS Club because not often is it a central theme to that series. This might look to change that a little which is appreciated.