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Codename: G-Woman

#3: Codename: G-Woman

Codename: G-Woman
Written by:  Tony Towers
Illustrated by:  Chris Flash , Peter Logan
Characters:  G-Woman
Release date:  April 1, 2015


Age Rating



Gail Parker (G-Woman) is an army base in the United States, in his giant form. While she is asleep a scientist, under the guise of review it, take advantage of it. Then when she wakes up, Sergeant Howler explains his current situation. Gail is extremely distraught. Lateron, Spirit, a girl with special powers, sweeps into her room and makes love with her, partly restoring the hope that everything will get better.

Official Publisher's Review

Dr. Screwer will give Gail, her welcome. Reviewing her entire body thoroughly and well while she is asleep. When Gail awake, she has to accept the current situation, that terrible anguish her. She will have the help and affection of a girl called Spirit, who will play a very important role in her life.