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Closer Encounters

#4: Closer Encounters

Closer Encounters
Written by:  Echo Wing
Release date:  August 19, 2015


Age Rating



An alien giantess named Qada comes to Earth, wishing to initiate peaceful contact with humanity. The United States government, opting against killing the alien, opts to begin a dialogue with her, appointing a young official from the State Department named Jessica Leeds to the task. The two women form a bond, even as the senior military official in charge, an aggressive warmonger named Tobias Carter, starts attempting to figure out a method of killing Qada, considering her a threat. Qada eventually shrinks down to a more normal size, and Carter takes the opportunity to take Qada into custody and begin aggressively interrogating her.
Carter’s troops, however, take issue with this, and help Jessica and her husband to free Qada. Carter, however, shoots and
injures Jessica. Qada promptly feeds Jessica some of her breast milk and, with a beam of energy from her ship, heals her,
simultaneously causing both of them to grow into giantesses. Qada opts to leave, and Jessica remains on earth, slowly shrinking back to normal size.

Official Publisher's Review

This is a plain, simple story, with more humor value than anything else. The
characters are basic and not particularly complicated, though the general is a
near-comical exaggeration of real life. Compared to other efforts by the same
author, this isn’t a particularly ambitious story, but it’s nonetheless fairly



  • Webspidr

    No erotic growth; no resulting orgasms or increased libidos; no sex; I’m just unbelievably, unbelievably disappointed. Maybe it’s superficial of me to care, but that’s what I pay to see. It’s already clear that the protagonist and her husband are pretty sexually experienced and so is the alien Qada; so a threesome of some sort (hopefully with the female protagonist as the tallest and most developed out of the three of them) could have been a really nice send-off to this story, and it would would have been amazing because you all took the time to develop the characters realistically instead of letting them be mere eye-candy, which let the sexual tension (in-story and otherwise) build up masterfully by letting the story unfold naturally. If you had spent just as much time working on the characters’ growth and sex at the end, this could have been a classic. In the end though, it’s just a wasted opportunity, and I’m starting to think that you all can’t write a story that incorporates sexuality and giantess-ness in a meaningful way. The ‘G-Raider’ and ‘G-Woman’ series get close, but ultimately I feel like they are (admittedly creative) giantess stories which happen to incorporate sex involving a giantess, as opposed to (1) making the growth a big deal and highly erotic (and liberating) for the giantess (and the reader) and (2) makes use of the giantess’s larger size in relation to her partners during the sex. The way the growth and sex are being presented in those series I mentioned just aren’t doing it for me (but I will give G-Woman some credit with the masturbation scenes). The ‘Growth Studies’ stories do a good job of these things though, even though they admittedly end much too quickly (although I appreciate how much eroticism is center-stage). ‘Kaskade Falls’ also handles things really well though it also ends quickly. ‘Jacolyn and the Beanstalk’ takes its time with it and is thus a fantastic comic (it would make a great series actually). I’m not really a fan of giantesses who try to hurt people, but I’d much rather have nymphomanical good giantesses than boring good giantesses who aren’t willing to break the rules and have fun. (On another note, the idea of re-growing can also be fun, but I like the idea of even being a “smaller” size the giantess never really goes back to “normal”, for example being taller than most men and having a minimum libido that’s notably charged up, but I’m getting side-tracked.)

    One reason that I care: how many of us have and/or will get the opportunity to have sex with a woman who is taller and stronger than us (esp. assuming she isn’t male)? Unfortunately, in real life most females are weaker, a head (or more) shorter, and less muscular than males; it would be nice if the reverse could be just as true depending upon the person, but that’s just how it is. But in giantess stories not only are there opportunities to present females as being physically equal in all these ways to their male peers and (sexual) partners, but to reverse the situation, be assertive, and maybe lead the encounter without being dominatrices; in fact, a giantess may be many sizes bigger if she’s not a “mini-giantess” and we’re contrasting her from normal sized people. Even in real life there are a lot of things that men can do during sex that women can do too but don’t (and vice versa) because they don’t match the existing sexual “scripts” we’re supposed to follow, and such ideas can be explored in a story when a woman becomes a giantess and consequently is given the free reign to behave as she wants; to compare, during a dance the other day, a woman came up, twirled me around, and lifted me up, and I was happy and pleasantly impressed because not many women would have the courage to go against the “rules” like that (it’s a long story, but anyway).

    All of this is to say that I am beyond disappointed with how this story ended without any meaningful pay-off. I’m very close to cancelling my subscription. You all need to seriously up your game.