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Closer Encounters

#3: Closer Encounters

Closer Encounters
Written by:  Echo Wing
Release date:  June 17, 2015


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An alien giantess named Qada comes to Earth, wishing to initiate peaceful contact with humanity. The United States government, opting against killing the alien, opts to begin a dialogue with her, appointing a young official from the State Department named Jessica Leeds to the task. The two women form a bond, even as the senior military official in charge, an aggressive warmonger named Tobias Carter, starts attempting to figure out a method of killing Qada, considering her a threat. Qada eventually shrinks down to a more normal size, and Carter takes the opportunity to take Qada into custody and begin aggressively interrogating her. Carter’s troops, however, take issue with this, and help Jessica and her husband to free Qada. Carter, however, shoots and injures Jessica. Qada promptly feeds Jessica some of her breast milk and, with a beam of energy from her ship, heals her, simultaneously causing both of them to grow into giantesses. Qada opts to leave, and Jessica remains on earth, slowly shrinking back to normal size.

Official Publisher's Review

This is a plain, simple story, with more humor value than anything else. The
characters are basic and not particularly complicated, though the general is a
near-comical exaggeration of real life. Compared to other efforts by the same
author, this isn’t a particularly ambitious story, but it’s nonetheless fairly



  • Webspidr

    At the risk of raising my expectations too high, I hope for juicy, scintillatingly slow progress moving forward rather than a rushed wrap-up. The plot has been moving at a brisk pace up to this point, but perhaps plot can now take a back-seat to character and eroticism for a while to savor the moment. The build-up and anticipation to the coming erotic growth and sex in this series has been exceptionally well orchestrated, and therefore, when it happens, I want both to be much more involved and in-depth than usual, because it will also be intensely more gratifying. Character growth (figuratively and literally) could even be built into these scenes, so that rather than the check-mark manner these things sometimes follow (she grows, check; she has sex with this person now, check; she orgasms once, check; move on, check), it should be erotic but also organic and personal for the characters. (What are they thinking? How does it feel to grow, exactly? How does everything feel once they go big? How does the sex feel? In contrast to Carter, how are Jessica, Marcus, and Qada evolving or realizing about themselves as the experience goes along? Of course, this can also be shown as well rather than told.) So, ditto everything I said in my comments last issue. Honestly, I’d give an arm and a leg (and a wallet) to have three more issues devoted to the erotic action before we finally finish things up in the last issue(s), maybe with an epilogue (yay! :D ). This is definitely worthy of being an 8-issue series.