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Beyond the Law: Reversal

#5: Beyond the Law: Reversal

Beyond the Law: Reversal
Written by:  Bob Saget
Illustrated by:  Peter Logan
Others:  Eros Studio
Characters:  Tessa
Release date:  February 20, 2019


Age Rating



Of course the celebratory sex ended up being a VERY bad idea that was about to get worse as soldiers open fire at the giantess.  Apparently Maggie’s vaginal fluids has the same size transfer effects as her spit.  The gunfire hits Maggie in a weak spot and causes Maggie to back away from the source of pain.  The clumsy giantess then trips on the squad of solders behind her.  With a mighty thump, Maggie lands on another squad.  The soldiers suddenly start to shrink because her hands are covered in vagina fluids.  They must have been wet from her pushing Liam inside her.   Maggie proceeds to explosively grow.  Her overwhelming growth destroys the entire facility.  Is all hope lost to stop Tessa due to Liam’s poor judgment?

Official Publisher's Review

The highly anticipated sequel of Beyond the Law is finally here.  The sequel explores how Tessa abuses her powers to make the world her plaything.  Beyond the Law Reversal is not without conflict.  A heroine will step up to challenge her.  That heroine was a victim of Tessa’s initial rampage.  Beyond the Law Reversal features plenty of growth, sex, scenes that Bob Saget is known for.  Readers are bound to enjoy this tale that’s simultaneously an erotic giantess action story and an origin story of a new heroine.