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Beyond the Law

#7: Beyond the Law

Beyond The Law
Written by:  Bob Saget
Illustrated by:  Eros Studio , Peter Logan
Characters:  Tessa
Release date:  April 19, 2017


Age Rating



Dr. Souza explosively grows throughout the aircraft carrier.  Now thousands of feet tall, Dr. Souza cannot help but furiously finger herself due to the side effects from her growth.  In a brief moment of clarity, Dr. Souza remembers that Tessa is to blame for her horrid state.  Now seeking revenge instead of a cure, She strides her way through the ocean to find Tessa .  Meanwhile Tessa is using the populace of the city to achieve the best orgasms of her life, however in her bliss, she forgot about her ex-boyfriend.   Deciding to reward her slave for his patience, Tessa sucks on him like a lollipop.  Without warning, the ground starts to shake.  Tessa gazes up, and to her dismay, sees Dr. Souza towering over the city as a miles tall titaness…

Official Publisher's Review

Above the Law is a popular story on Giantess Club.  It was only a matter of time until a sequel was made. The issue however, is that Above the Law ended  with the protagnist reaching mega level in heights. Bo Saget decided that this was a good ending point instead of retcon-ing in new details to make the giantess small again.  Additionally the story is old and was the first story Bo Saget submitted to the site and the author can do far better now.  Thus Beyond the Law was made as a spiritual successor to Above the La