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BE Games

#4: BE Games

BE Games
Written by:  Malenkaya
Illustrated by:  Hartwell White
Release date:  March 10, 2021

Dante and his friends have been on quite the wild adventure, but this finale isn’t going to lessen up any of the tension! They find themselves in a completely alien jungle full of angry–and growing–marauders. But these ladies (and Dante) aren’t going to take this new challenge lying down, and they’re all going to push their growth to new levels to win!

The team is split up with Frankie and Meera having a little competition to see who can be the biggest giantess of the land. Laura and Angelica push their rivalry (and flirtation) to the max as they struggle against the jungle. Meanwhile, Dante faces off against his step-mom Terra in a head-to-head clash that is sure to raise the stakes for everyone involved.

Official Publisher's Review

This series has been an amazing escalation of teasing and tension and the conclusion is no different. The Jumanji feel of this series (and specifically this chapter) really bring to the forefront the women’s hunger for growth–and Dante isn’t going to deny any of his friends the pleasure! You’ll see giantess-level growth, mini-giantess growth, female muscle growth, breast expansion, ass/thigh expansion and much more. There’s a flare of action-adventure in this one, and the tension between Dante and his step-mom Terra is thick enough to cut with a knife.



  • kong

    Really nice, I like this chapter, Mom size at the end was perfect, also the new world ;)