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BE Games

#3: BE Games

BE Games
Written by:  Malenkaya
Illustrated by:  Hartwell White
Release date:  January 6, 2021

Last chapter Angelica trounced Dante and his friends before stealing the board game. If that felt like the worst that could happen, just you wait! The world starts changing rapidly. Soon Dante finds himself surrounded by domineering, amazonian women with unimaginable busts. Doesn’t sound so bad, except this is clearly just the beginning of Angelica’s reign. Dante and his friends are determined to get back to the board before Angelica causes too much trouble. The gang quickly finds themselves in over their head as Angelica isn’t one to play fairly! But when it comes time for Dante to win the game, will he turn things back to normal or bend reality further to his desires?

Official Publisher's Review

BE Games continues to toe the line between Jumanji and a sexy harem fantasy. We get a lot of action from Dante’s step-mother and step-sister, as well as the entire gang. There’s body-sized breast expansion, mini-giantesses, and full giantesses, ass expansion, and muscle growth. Truly something for everyone! The script stays light and has an action feel to it.

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  • kong

    Very nice, the world is perfect now, just let all milfs growing bigger and sexier ;)