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BE Games

#2: BE Games

BE Games
Written by:  Bacchus
Illustrated by:  Hartwell White
Release date:  August 7, 2020

After the climactic finale of the previous chapter, the gang is caught unprepared for when Dante’s sister steals the board game. Now stranded, and petite, in a world ruled by the size of one’s breasts and sexual appetites, Meera and Laura set out to make some big changes… and find Dante’s mom a sex-pot queen? Meera might justify it’s the only way to get the board back, but she knows deep down fucking a dominatrix with massive breasts is just hot. The orgy that ensues is one for the record books. But it may have worked a little too well.

Official Publisher's Review

Part Trouble, Part Jumanji, part raunchy hentai harem, BE Games brings together tons of fantasies all in a perfectly packaged chapter. This chapter specifically focuses on some good old fashion Milfy action, but you’ll also find overflowing breasts everywhere, but also height growth, ass growth, female muscle growth, penis growth, mental shifts, lots oral sex, lots of breast milk, female on female, ON FEMALE action, and a grand finale orgy that will leave you begging for more…

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  • davidXgt

    Great chapter, I love Dante’s mom, I like to see her as a permanent giantess and bigger than all girls.

  • kong

    Dante’s mom is so awesome and lovely, I want to see her a lot bigger and hotter than girls!