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Monkey Paw
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Monkey Paw

Written by:  Bob Saget
Release date:  July 6, 2016




Bobby is in a failing relationship with Liz. He spends all the money he earns on various trinkets and junk. Liz has tolerated this up until the point Bobby bought a severed hand of a monkey. The severed hand supposed to grant wishes. Bobby soon uses the wish granting macabre hand. Little does he know what chaos awaits him as a result of his wishes…

Official Publisher's Review

Bob Saget creates a one shot based on the monkey paw trinket. The monkey paw is inspired by a story that warns of the consequences of greed an ill thought out wish. Bob Saget thought it would be interesting if the story involved giantess growing action.



  • TheSliencer

    Could you make this comic free for a limited time I just really want to read it but I can’t figure out the payment options.