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Wish Upon a Star: a Giant World Begins

#2: Wish Upon a Star: a Giant World Begins

Wish Upon a Star: A Giant World Begins
Written by:  Bob Saget
Illustrated by:  Juanka , PX Comics Studio
Release date:  June 7, 2017




Shelly outgrew the fitting room and is using her boyfriend as a sex toy affront of horrified shoppers and an excited journalist.  Suddenly another woman starts to grow.  Then more and more grow after that.  Lori decides that she must capture the growth in action and ignores Shelly.  That turned out to be a BIG mistake as Shelly is quite an attention whore.  Not wanting to anger the giantess, Lori gives in to her threats and focuses on her. Shelly toys with the cameraman as she uses him as a literal camera to take selfies.  Escape seemed impossible, until Shelly suddenly started to grow again.  This time the growth is explosive and Shelly’s curves soon ravage the entire mall to the ground.  Having somehow survived, Lori and her cameraman stare at the gigantic woman laying on the ruins of the mall and at the multitude of 7-8ft women running out of the wreckage.

Official Publisher's Review

Wish Upon a Star: A Giant World Begins is based off a reader’s request.  The story is full of sex, breast expansion, and giantess growth that Bo Saget is known for.  The story draws inspiration from Bo Saget’s previous works such as Above the Law and PMD when it comes to the breast expansion and growing themes.  Bo also took inspiration from other author’s works like Blowing Up More Than Photographs to create a believable and sexy giantess MILF.   Wish Upon a Star: Giant World Begins serves as an origin story of a world where women are much taller than men.  In this world, there is plenty of room to expand to different plot threads of people’s lives within the giantess world that has not been explored in the origin story.



  • milad261


  • kong

    really nice and great work ;-)
    please make all females grow to mini giantess sizes and stay big but not so big giantess , and make milfs much bigger than girls , thank you !