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Mega Force Three

#5: Mega Force Three

Mega Force Three
Written by:  Richmond Alderbridge
Illustrated by:  J.J. McQuade
Release date:  March 22, 2017




The brash Luna tries to fight MonStarr head on and soon gains a painful lesson on the hazards of being impulsive!  The Mega Force trio band together to figure out a strategy that can stop the monster without getting them killed.  They succeed in winning the battle, but the war is far from won!  With the help of Evil-La’s growth beam, MonStarr becomes a giant that threatens to tear the city apart!  The girls get into their mechs, but are those enough to stop this menace?

Official Publisher's Review

The action heats up and goes into overdrive in this episode!  This is the battle we’ve all wanted to see with this story!  If you’ve been following the series, things get even better!  If you’re new to the series, this might be where you want to jump in before the ride comes to an end!



  • kong

    nice work but i hope to see continue of “wish upon a star” & “new heaven” sooner ;-)