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Mega Force Three

#4: Mega Force Three

Mega Force Three
Written by:  Richmond Alderbridge
Illustrated by:  J.J. McQuade
Release date:  February 1, 2017




Evil-La Hate ponders over her previous failure and how she made her grand return.  She’s disappointed with her minions failure to bring back Carla’s amulet so she takes her frustrations out sexually on MonStarr!  She then sends him to Earth with a squad of Slimies to cause trouble until the new Mega Force 3 arrives to stop them!  The team does well against the Slimies, but facing the experienced MonStarr is a different story!

Official Publisher's Review

We learn more about Evil-La Hate and her motivations along with a very kinky fem-dom sex scene between her and MonStarr.  We get some pretty cool city destruction along with some epic fight scenes.  Don’t miss out on this newest episode!