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Mega Force Three

#3: Mega Force Three

Mega Force Three
Written by:  Richmond Alderbridge
Illustrated by:  J.J. McQuade
Release date:  December 14, 2016




After being rescued by the mysterious stranger Luna, Carla has decided and is willing to go back to the secret Mega Force base where she meets all the remaining members of the team, Carla, Jade, Mega Bob and Mandroid, the excited little robot.  She’s quickly given a history lesson concerning Evil-La Hate plus seeing her mother Darla in action.  Finally she’s given the gift of GIGANTIC proportions Darla gave to the team becoming a complete badass!

Official Publisher's Review

In this third issue of the new series Mega Force Three, the heroes, Carla, Jade and Luna finally come together completing the Mega Force.  More information is given along with a very nice growth transformation sequence (with a touch of breast enlargement) that you really don’t want to miss!